Life got in the way -

Life got in the way

It’s a been a while since I wrote a new posts… sadly life and my health got in the way! I had just enough energy for my blogposts forHobby Alternatief, but my blog posts here had to take a back seat …

Therefore, many apologies! I am ading all the missing posts from the past weeks here too, only a bit different then usually.

I will add the links to some of the missing blog posts in here, you can just click on the links in them and it will take you to the original post.

Forweek 11I had to make a card with a Dahlia Fold. I had no idea how to make them so I had to look it up on you tube. Usually you use double sided paper for these, I choose to make mine with single sided paper.

For Easter, week 12we had to make something related to Easter, I made this little basket for chocolate eggs and a card of course.

Week 13was a fun one, we all received a template to make a little box. Now I have made several boxes but never one like this. It was fun to make it but more fun to de…

Greeting cards using butterflies, flowers and sketches.

Greeting cards using butterflies, flowers and sketches. 

I had a lot of fun creating the cards for these 3 weeks, butterflies, flowers and sketches, the first 2 I love to use as embellishments for my cards and boxes.

In the blocks below you can link through to the separate posts.

For week 19 we had a sketch we had to use to create our cards from. 
I used 3 panels of coloured paper that I embossed and added a 3D flowers embellishment on it to finish my card.

Week 20 we had the assignment to make 2 cards from 1 background. so I created 2 backgrounds with embossing folders, stencils, ink and Nuvo glimmer paste and made 2 cards with those.

In week 21 I had tons of fun. I had a free choice and I had bought some spray paint bottles which I tried on a few pieces of paper I loved them so much that I turned them into some colourful cards with a black flower overlay that I cut with some background dies.

Up-cycled frame I made from scratch

Up-cycled frame

This weeks assignment forHobby Alternatiefwas to make an up-cycled frame, I couldn’t find one I liked at home so I went to look for an alternative. By change I saved a template a few weeks ago on how to make one from a sheet of card stock, I just needed to find and adjust it to how I wanted it. Only difference was that I used an A4 sheet instead of a square one.

I scored the card stock on all 3 sides at 1cm, 2cm, 3cm and 4cm and then my memorie went blank, I didn’t remember how to go from there so I took the template to make all the cuts for my up-cycled frame.

To give a better explanation I will ad the template and the used materials here with my photo’s.

I have added a video with full explanations on how to make an up-cycled frame at myHA Blog, It is written in dutch with more details in there for when you want to know more and all the measurements. To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate” Feel free to leave a comment here, on…

Wall decoration, or is it a card -

Wall decoration, or is it a card
…. who is to say, it can be used as wall decoration, window decoration or a card. I made both sides the same, but I could have left the back blank so you have some space to write the greeting on.

I have no idea how long it took me to make it, but most time went into gathering aal the dies I wanted to use, everything else was just cutting and pasting everything together.

For this week we received a sketch fromHobby Alternatiefthat we all used as starting point for our creations. I could have chosen to glue everything on a card but I thought it would be fun to make something different this time.

Below are the photo’s of my creation, the sketch and the materials I used to create my wall decoration. I have a list of the materials I used at my HA Blog, It is written in dutch with more details in there for when you want to know more and all the measurements. To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate Feel free to leave a…

DIY Calendar.

DIY Calendar
Each year we received a calendar at work, sadly this year we didn’t get one. The one from last year went till Februari and because we really did ‘t get one I decided to make me one, at the same time it’s for my free choice week atHobby Alternatief . It is pretty easy to make, you just look on the internet for a good template. I use the free templates fromfreeprintable.neta lot. They have all sorts of templates in different themes and styles to choose from. I found the calendar ones I used this time there too.

I just printed them and looked for nice papers as a backdrop. Make sure that you have a decent border of the patterned.

For every month I took a different background trying to find themes matching the month. For Valentine I used hearts etc.
At the top of the sheets I made 2 holes with my crop-a-dile and placed some eyelets in them for extra sturdiness. I placed 2 big rings through the holes and the added a ribbon to hang the calendar from. I reused the plastic slide…

a little sign of life.

Hello all
I just noticed that I am very behind with updating this blog.

I did however update my wordpress blog a bit. you can find all my latest post there.
Just follow the link below.

Furthermore I am part of the designteam from Hobby Alternatief for which I write every week.
These posts are all in Dutch but they can easily be translated to any language you please.

All my dutch post can be found at the link below

My posts will be on Fridays, visiting the other DT members is highly appreciated.  
The image above I created last year, I will try and post more regularly here again.

XoXo Carina

Pebble Art Stone

Pebble Art Stone Pendant

This weeks assignment for Hobby Alternatief was “pebble art stone” we didn’t have to use the real pebble stones, we where allowed to make some. So I went to look for an alternative.
Finally I choose to make this pendant. But let me start at the beginning.

At first I wanted to buy some stone art clay, but forgot that I would have to use my hand working with it. Sadly my hand hasn’t healed enough yet for this kind of work.
So I had to think of something new and I remembered that I had a few big glass deco pebbles somewhere from when I made jewelry. Sadly I didn’t have enough of them to make them into a framed art piece.

So I went looking for my silver plated wires, again i forgot about my hand. Wire wrapping would be even more of a strain on it. Somehow I keep forgetting that.*sigh. So I had to look for other options again.
I finally choose to make it the way it is now.

I have a list of the materials I used at my HA Blog,  It is written in dutch with more details i…