Pebble Art Stone

Pebble Art Stone Pendant

This weeks assignment for Hobby Alternatief was “pebble art stone” we didn’t have to use the real pebble stones, we where allowed to make some. So I went to look for an alternative.
Finally I choose to make this pendant. But let me start at the beginning.

At first I wanted to buy some stone art clay, but forgot that I would have to use my hand working with it. Sadly my hand hasn’t healed enough yet for this kind of work.
So I had to think of something new and I remembered that I had a few big glass deco pebbles somewhere from when I made jewelry. Sadly I didn’t have enough of them to make them into a framed art piece.

So I went looking for my silver plated wires, again i forgot about my hand. Wire wrapping would be even more of a strain on it. Somehow I keep forgetting that.*sigh. So I had to look for other options again.
I finally choose to make it the way it is now.

I have a list of the materials I used at my HA Blog,  It is written in dutch with more details i…

Alternative for Mica - VMCdesigns

Alternative for Mica
Hello again, I’m a bit later then usually with translating my blogpost. I just spend the weekend in a small house on a vacation park with the other ladies from the design team from Hobby Alternatief, sadly 2 of them couldn’t make it. For this week I had to use Mica in my creation, which I don’t have so I went for an alternative.
I used a double base card and cut the front at 1 inch from the top and glued a strip of sealed laminator sheet. And then I glued a 1 inch strip of the base card on the bottom of the “Mica” strip and cut all the sides so that they would be all the same size. Tip! it might be easier to glue the transparent strip on the paper first and then cut it to the desired size. In the inside of my card I stamped a row of candles, I had to stamp it twice because the stamp wasn’t long enough. The higher candles I stamped again several times, coloured them, cut them out and glued them on top of the higher candles. The other candles I left blank only givi…

My Valentine Card | VMCdesigns

My Valentine Card

My Valentine card, this weeks assignment for Hobby Alternatief came by coincidence, when I see techniques on the internet I always give them a go and mostly I have no clue what to do with all these trial runs, so I keep them all in a binder and every once in a while when I need or want a unique background I pick one from them.

Do you guys keep your trail runs too?
Where do you keep them? do you have a binder too, or do you keep them in a box or drawer?

I used glossy photo paper for the background and I started with stamping 3 colours random on an acrylic block, then I sprayed some rubbing alcohol the ink and waited for the colours to mix a bit. I pressed the block with the ink facing down on the photo paper. You don’t need to keep the block down for long because the ink is dry very quickly. Tip! When you start with the lightest colour you don’t have to worry much that the ink pads contaminate each other.
I stamped the sentiment and the lines with the hearts with Onyx …

Resisting colours cards | VMCdesigns

Resisting colours cards

This weeks assignment was to make something with the resisting colours technique, I like playing with colours and have made a few cards before using this technique so this time I made 2 cards.
These cards are pretty easy to make, even for beginners and don’t take much of your time.

For both cards I used a white base card, 1 with a blue mat and 1 with a pink mat. Then both an other mat, this time a white one and stamped them randomly with baby stamps in matching colours

For the sentiments of both cards I stamped smaller pieces of papers with Versamark, for the blue one I used water colour paper and for the pink one I used DCP paper. I added clear embossing powder on both of them and melted it with my heat tool so the embossing powders would be resisting colours. For the blue card I added the ink with a brush and for the pink card I used a blender tool to ad the colour. I then sprayed some diy shimmer mist on both to give the sentiments some extra sparkle and shi…

Mini pocket with a teabags topper. - VMCdesigns

Mini pocket with a teabags topper.

This week we had to create something with the folding teabags technique, so I choose to make a teabags topper to use as an embellishment on a mini pocket to gift to someone dear to you. I added a video on how to fold the bag in my post on the Hobby Alternatief blog,

This was a little challenge for me, the hype of folding teabags has passed by mess I had to do some research on YouTube how to tackle this. I didn’t have any teabags, I’m more a coffee person, but one of my DT members gave some to me. I made the teabag topper in 2 colours and 2 different sizes and layered them to give them some extra dimension. The video I used to make my teabags topper was one of Origami Twist on YouTube, she has ton’s of tutorial video’s go check her out if you want to give them a try.

To make the little pocket I used a piece of double sided design paper that measures 9 3/4″ x 3 3/4″, you score this strip on both sides at 3 1/4 from each end. Fold both ends in to crea…