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Wall decoration, or is it a card

Wall decoration, or is it a card

…. who is to say, it can be used as wall decoration, window decoration or a card. I made both sides the same, but I could have left the back blank so you have some space to write the greeting on.

I have no idea how long it took me to make it, but most time went into gathering aal the dies I wanted to use, everything else was just cutting and pasting everything together.

For this week we received a sketch from Hobby Alternatief that we all used as starting point for our creations. I could have chosen to glue everything on a card but I thought it would be fun to make something different this time.

Below are the photo’s of my creation, the sketch and the materials I used to create my wall decoration.
the sketch we all used    used materials
wall decoration    the top part
the middle part    the bottom part
I have a list of the materials I used at my HA BlogIt is written in dutch with more details in there for when you want to know more and all the measurements. To translate it to english or any other language you can use “Google Translate

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